Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Early morning

Mist hangs in the air. The gate, when I climb over it, glitters. The tree tips are frosted in white. Kaylie the alpaca and Lady, our last angora goat, meet me at the barn door. Either the barn is too warm for them or they don’t need as much sleep as their pregnant comrades.

Almost all the sheep in the barn are asleep or at least resting. Only Christmas and the two new Moms are standing. I imagine Christmas stands because her belly, swollen with pregnancy, has displaced many internal organs. I think she probably breathes better when she is standing. The two new moms stand over their babies who are nursing, one lamb on each side of an udder. Twins are perfect: their mom has a nipple and usually enough milk for each baby, and when I sell the lambs, if I haven’t had to feed them milk replacer or buy hay, one lamb will pay for his mom’s upkeep and the second one will be profit.

No one is lambing right now; no one is ill. I walk out of the barn, content. Behind the frosted trees, a red sun glows. It is going to be a beautiful day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, love. I can picture it perfectly! I feel like I am walking at your side talking in hushed tones.