Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christmas' presents

Christmas was born on a long ago Christmas Eve (see blog entry for December 23, 2010), as Dave and I and the girls were rushing off to celebrate the season with our family in the Twin Cities.

Christmas(the lamb, that is) has been a delight ever since she was born. Her mother couldn't feed her, so Christmas became a bottle baby. She was cute and little and everyone loved her.

Because everyone loved her, Christmas loves everyone. She has no hesitation about walking up to people and nuzzling their hands, looking for Cheerios or graham crackers.

This year, with lamb after lamb dying in the barn we could barely stand to do another barn check. But this afternoon, we went out to the barn to find Christmas in labor. She delivered three little white lambs, just as cute as she is. We've already named the girl New Years. Christmas has given us so many gifts.

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