Monday, February 17, 2014


Our three year old grandsons, Kieran and Jasper, came for the weekend and helped us feed the sheep. First, we located their sheep. The boys trailed behind us when we poured dried corn into the feeders, the golden yellow kernels clattered as they hit the blue feeders. Then we boosted the boys into the hay mow to look for BC the barn cat while Dave and I threw bales out into the hay feeder.

We loaded our big sled with six bales and with an adult pulling and Kieran or Jasper pushing, we moved the hay down the hill. As the sled gained speed, the boys ran to keep up and then finally, slid on their bellies, still clutching the back of the sled. They were laughing, cheeks rosy, eyes sparkling as we spread the hay on the fresh snow and climbed the hill to feed the rams.

It’s funny how my attitude changes when we share the sheep.

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