Monday, September 16, 2013


Dave spent a lot of time in the last ten days using a compass to figure out what direction we were going so that he could navigate through the lakes and rivers, bays and islands of Quetico Provincial Park, Canada. Our yearly canoe trip helps us reset our internal compasses, and figure out what’s important in our lives.

We come out of the wilderness a little behind on our to-do lists (we have been gone for 10 days after all) but clearer on the direction we want our lives to be moving. We talk about personal goals, about personal time commitments. We talk about how one person’s time commitments can interfere with the other person’s goals, and vice versa. We talk about needs and wants.

The waters of the lakes through which we paddle are much more lucid than our conversations, but in the end, after depending on each other for everything, we find our understanding of each other clearer and the directions we anticipate our lives taking in the coming year more closely aligned.

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