Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tag, you're knit!

Twice a year we invite fiber people to our farm. They bring projects to work on, food to share and sometimes, show and tell. We provide dye pots and dyes, a space to gather, and sometimes, new experiences. We always have sheep to pet and fields and woods to walk. This year we started a weaving on my garden loom with different people adding shots of color. Participants also made felted can cosys (see Patterns on my website for directions), learning the basics of wet felting in the process. Fiber day is a chance to reconnect with old friends, meet new people, and share ideas. Past fiber days have given me new knitting patterns and new directions to take in felting and weaving. The biggest surprise this year was to find my mailbox covered in knitting with a little sign that said “Tag, you’re knit!” I’m keeping the mailbox sweater to use at our next fiber day, but I’m going to knit something to tag someone else and pass on the yarn graffiti.

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