Sunday, July 31, 2011

Compost to cantaloupe

We compost our garden waste, our kitchen waste and our barnyard waste. We have two twenty foot long compost piles. Each year we spread the oldest one on the fields and start that pile over again.

Every weekend all summer, when each lamb buyer is done, we clean up after them – salt the skins and throw the lungs, feet, and sometimes stomachs and intestines onto the compost pile. Then we cover the remains with some of the manure pack from the barn and let nature take its course, converting the remnants of dead animals to wonderful, rich compost that looks amazingly like the potting soil you buy at the store (except for the occasional leg bone or ear tag).

Gourds frequently grow on the compost pile, but this year, a melon plant is blooming there. If we can keep the lambs off the pile, we should have a big crop of delicious cantaloupe in about a month.

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  1. Joan, Love reading your Blog! Jan and I have a city garden, a couple of 3 foot tall raised beds you can sit on the edge of and sip your ice tea in the summer sun. Our composter is a barrel that rotates, maybe I will remember to bring pictures next time we visit the Red River Valley. Have a great summer and give Dave a hug from us. Tony