Monday, April 4, 2011

From here to there and back again

If they were fish, we'd call it schooling. If they were birds, we'd call it flocking. With lambs, Dave calls it a lampede. They're not frightened, in a panic, or going anywhere in particular; they are just full of energy and joy.

The lambs have to be old enough to hang out with each other instead of their mothers. We don't have grass in the pastures yet so they aren't running toward food. The lambs need to be full and warm. They don't often run like this on cold rainy days, but any sunny day will find up to 30 or 40 lambs running. Other lambs join them as they pass, pronking with all four feet off the ground - another sign of joy.

Both Dave and I walk out to the barnyard and lean on the gate just to watch the lambs run from here to there and back again.


  1. What a sight! Thanks for sharing the joyful exuberance. GrampsInCO

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this lovely sight. We used to raise lambs, and it brings back so many wonderful memories. We only have my 9 old ewes left to keep me company, but the memories of their little ones bouncing and running in a a group is a site I hold dearly in my heart. Thank you again! Dorothy