Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snow day

“I hope we’re snowed in tomorrow.” Gautam, our son-in-law from India, said last night as we stared out the windows at the snow drifting higher and higher in the yard.

More than six inches of snow accumulated over night. The major highways in this part of the state are all closed. Our driveway won’t be passable until Dave gets the tractor going this afternoon when it warms up a little.

Bad weather had been predicted, so we stocked up on food for people and animals. The Hairy woodpeckers have returned to the suet feeder. The gray squirrels and chickadees are arguing over control of the sunnies. The sheep have plenty of hay and can retreat into the barn from the worst of the wind. And we are perfectly content to spend the first day of 2011 not going anywhere or doing anything special.

Dave is baking bread. The rest of us are sleeping, reading, cooking, doing dishes and laundry, writing, eating, and playing with nine month old Kieran. From inside, the winter yard looks cold and serene, as beautiful a space as one could imagine, and yet even in the sun, the thermometer has only reached 2 degrees.. Today, we’ll enjoy our snow day from inside and be glad that we don’t have to go anywhere.

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