Monday, June 21, 2010


We finished baling last night at 10:00.

The moon was half a silver disc glowing behind the clouds. We watched it grow brighter and brighter through the barn window as evening turned into night.

It was a wonderful night. We have finally gotten this poor rained on crop of hay into the barn. The Dairy Queen, which provides our end of haying meal stayed open an extra five minutes to feed our hungry crew. I saw a fox kit dash across the road on my way into town for burgers. And I saw my first firefly of the summer on my way back home, the car full of the mouth watering scent of hamburgers and French fries.

Dave and I laid our exhausted bodies into bed at 10:30, completely at peace with the world. No bothers at all. If it rained, we would be fine.

Tomorrow, other chores will rear their horny heads, other thorny problems will erupt, but for now, we are content.

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  1. It sounds like a day or two of rest are in order. Ah! The feeling when that last bale of hay is in the barn.