Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dawn sky

It is 6:30 am. The moon is setting over the west woods, a big silver circle, glowing in the dawn sky.

Dave enjoys the 3 am. barn check because he loves to look at the stars. I do the 6:30 am. barn check because I love the colors of the early morning sky. The eastern horizon is washed with peach and rose, subtle colors compared to sunset’s vibrant hues, but perfect tints for this time of year – promises of warmth when our eyes are tired of the whites and grays of winter.

In 25 years of 6:30 am barn checks, I don’t remember ever before watching the full moon sink behind the bare trees, brilliant in the reflected light of the rising sun. Something seen every quarter century is indeed precious.

None of our sheep are sick, none are in labor. It is a pleasure to have the energy and the emotional space to enjoy the dawn sky.

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  1. Hi, Great to hear that the new crop (?) of lambs is on the way. I fondly recall my short time lambing. Keith and I did a song inspired by that time and Keith posted a you-tube video of it at:

    Hope this link to it works but if not go to You Tube and search for keithrockerboblewis. He has many videos but this one is called Utmost Care.

    What a beautiful photo!